Duct Tape Dummy Tutorial

Important: This is not a comfortable process. If at any point you feel weak or overly warm, STOP. Be sure to have plenty of water on hand and fans nearby for circulation. The quicker you can free yourself from the duct tape trappings, the better.


You will need at least 4 large rolls of duct tape. 5 is preferable, you can always use extra duct tape. You'll also want to have a good sharp pair of scissors and a sharpie.


Wear something cheap and loose fitting. Whatever you build your duct tape dummy around will be destroyed, so it's best to buy something cheap at a thrift shop. It should completely cover your arms and legs, all skin that you intend to duct tape.


Start by taping up all the cuffs. Wrists, ankles, and waist. This tape should not be super tight, you don't want to restrict circulation in any way.


Do the lower half first. Use small strips of duct tape, none more than 12 inches long. It works well to have one person pre-cutting all of the duct tape strips while the other person attaches them. You should do at least 2 layers thick to ensure coverage. This takes time, so I hope you have a good strong duct taping arm! Remember to keep drinking water.

It's also important to move around every so often during this process. Bend, stretch, pop the tape. Your mobility in the duct tape dummy is comparable to your mobility in the fursuit, so you want to have flexibility. Bend your knees as far as you can until the tape pops, then re-tape it.

Shoulders and Arms

After completing the legs move on to the shoulders and arms. The shoulder is a highly mobile joint, so be sure to move your arm around as much as you can after completing the first layer of duct tape. Just like with the legs, you should move until you feel the tape pop, then re-tape and repeat. Remember: lots of small strips, not big long strips.

Armpits and Sides

Do the armpits and sides next. Your chest and back should be the very last parts you duct tape, since these have the least mobility and so you can breathe and stay comfortable as long as possible. Your body is warm and duct tape is a fabulous insulator.

Front and Back

Tape! Tape like the wind! When you're completly done taping the front and back it should look a little like this.

Pop the Tapes!

Thought you were done? Hah, not even close! Once you're completely taped up, move around as much as you can. Flex your joints, move your arms, legs, knees, back, shoulders. Twist your waist, do squats, cartwheels! Okay don't really do cartwheels, in fact you shouldn't work up too much of a sweat. You're still bound in duct tape after all, but it is important to move and pop the joints. Once they're popped, tape them back up and do it again.

Side Markings

Once you're finally done taping, it's time to start marking. You should have a single line running all the way from the outside of the ankle all the way up the leg, the side, straight into the armpit, then down the underside of the arm until you reach the wrist cuff.

After drawing this line, be sure to mark it every few inches with X marks along the line. This makes it so you can line the pieces back up again after they've been cut off. Do not skip this step!

Shoulder Markings

Draw another line around the shoulder and underneath the armpit, making a circle. From the top of this circle, draw another line to the neck cuff. Remember to draw the X's!

Back Markings

Draw a circle on the lower back centered around where the tail should go. From this circle, draw a line straight up the back until you reach the neck cuff. If you have any particular fur patterns or markings, you can draw them on as well, but be sure you do NOT put the X markings along the fur pattern lines.

Inner Leg Markings

Finally, draw a line along the inseam of the legs. From the inner ankle all the way up across the crotch and down the other leg. Mark this line with X's as well.

Once you've drawn all these markings, you're finally ready to cut off the duct tape dummy! Use the scissors to cut along all of the lines you marked with X's. Be careful not to cut any fur pattern lines you've drawn. When you're done, you should have a total of 4 pieces. A left arm, a right arm, one whole piece for the front, and one whole piece for the back. The line you drew from the tail up the back should not go completely down to the crotch, so the back should remain all one piece with a cut partway down the middle.

Feels good, doesn't it?