Care GuidE

Fursuit/Product Care Tips

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Fursuit heads and footpaws are HAND WASH ONLY with cold/warm water. These are constructed using adhesives that can potentially break down if too much hot water is applied, especially over time. Allow to air dry, preferably with air flow from a fan.

Hand paws and body suits/upper bodies are safe to machine wash on cold with a gentle cycle. Wash with like-colors only. The SAFEST way to dry them is to hang dry them in an open area with a fan blowing on them. For maximum effect, allow air to flow directly through the suit body.

If you would like to speed up the process of drying your body suit, you can use a dryer spin cycle with no hear. DO NOT tumble dry any fur or fleece with heat! The high temperatures of a dryer will cause the synthetic material to melt.

When disconnecting any snaps on your suit, be sure to seperate them at the connection point, applying force to the snap directly and not the fabric. DO NOT tug at any of the fabric to seperate them, as it will potentially stretch and wear out the connection over time.

It is HIGHLY encouraged that you keep up with maintenence after every use to improve the longetivity of your suits. When done consitently, you develop good habits and routine, and overall maintenence becomes simple. In most cases even stop you from having to machine wash anything.